Our sixth CD Supay

Our sixth CD is was released on 30.10. by Indies Scope. Supay is available as MP3, WAV, FLAC and classical CD. Do you doubt about the cover? Have a look here. Supay was nominated for Czech music award called Anděl 2015 in the World music category. 

Our song Nomadisavej song is broadcasted also by an American radio.

Here is a review - from Netherlands. English version here:
The Czech seven piece band Čankišou has been active now for over 15 years. They have already released five albums, on which you will find a wild mixture of ethnic music and rock with energetic rhythms. They are for that matter often inspired by their trips to Mongolia, Ukraine, Pakistan and India, amongst other countries. Over the years their sound has been increasingly shifted towards the rock side. On their sixth achievement they again found many ways an approaches to create their music. They have again a varied set of instruments, such as saxophone, didgeridoo, kalimba, banjo, flute, bass, harmonica, ukulele, cymbals, piano, cowbells, dunun, krin, sangban and much more. Add the great rousing voice of Karel Heřman to this all and you know you again have a wonderfully and unique recipe at your disposal. The music ranges from funk-rock, post-punk and altrock to brass, ethnic music and avant-garde. Because of the instruments especially the African elements pop up in their rocksound. Strenuously, they are a cross between Už Jsme Doma, Besh O Drom, Ser Un Peyjalero, System Of A Down and Cannibales & Vahinés. With this they delivered another masterpiece in a row.



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